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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello world


Hey hey, it’s been a while! During the past month I’ve had some precious time to myself in order to prepare for all that’s coming my way this year. At the end of last year we moved house & office, and it’s only now that all the work we’ve put in updating the place is starting to take shape. I am especially excited about my new office. I have so much more space to work in and for inspiration to flow, it really does make a huge difference to your productivity!
I’ve also had some time to get properly organised in other areas, such as catching up with all the more ‘boring’ aspects of running a business (oh how I sometimes wish I could just take pictures and not bother with the rest!) like filing and book-keeping. I am currently emigrating all my client data and invoicing etc. over to a new studio management system, which is something that is long overdue, and will hopefully make a huge difference with trying to keep up with new enquiries and existing clients alike. Setting it all up is very time-consuming indeed, but hopefully well worth it in the end.
Talking about taking pictures, next Saturday is the day that we officially kick off the new season with a civil partnership at the Gherkin. My gear is all cleaned and gleaming, my heart feels light and ready to take on new people and experiences. Watch out 2011, I’m coming!
Marianne Taylor Photography