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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[ALLKPOP]Ha Ji Won makes a surprise visit to ‘FREDDY’

Recently, actress Ha Ji Won surprised everyone when she made a visit to a clothing store at a mall in Shinchon.
On March 25th, Ha Ji Won visited “FREDDY“, a brand that opened a store in Shinchon’s Hyundai Department Store’s U-PLEX. Ha Ji Won appeared in comfortable clothes, causing the public to recall her beloved role as Gil Ra-im from SBS’s recent popular drama, “Secret Garden“.
She wore a sky-blue hooded jumper with black pants and shoes that matched her jumper perfectly, which received much attention from the public.
She also tied back half of her short hair – showing off her cute charm.
Netizens commented, “Ahh! Totally cute”, “She still seems like Gil Ra-im. Cute cute”, “Secretly shopping without Ju-won knowing? You can’t escape from ‘Secret Garden’”, “I am totally looking forward to this unnie’s next project!”, and “Come out soon!”
Source: TV Report via Nate