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Monday, May 2, 2011

CHICMUSE // Jan. 8: Kill it with kisses

Work is so hectic right now! I'm used to my 24h weeks, which usually means I do 2 full days and 2 half days, but so far I've only had one day off this week, and I'll be working tomorrow as well! Though I'm not complaining, yesterday was a total pain (a co-worker pointed out to me that I looked like I was about to drool on the t-shirt I was folding in sleep mode) but today I just couldn't wipe the retarded smile off my face and I basically skipped and danced my way through work all day.

Oh well. On to the good stuff now!

So I told you guys I'd be updating with some pics that got stuck on my camera after a battery crash (in case you're thinking I'm a total dumbass right now: No I don't own an SD card reader haha) so here they are!

I used to wear these on a daily basis, and then I got kinda tired of it, but then I watched the second season of Dexter and basically fell in love with the idea of layering jewelry all over again due to Lila, I could punch her in the face for her annoying accent (I hate how she always puts emphasis on the last syllable of a word, FFS IT'S NOT DEXTAAAAAAAAAH IT'S JUST DEXTER. PERIOD.) but the clothes she wears are quite awesome. 

Slip dress from H&M for €5 in the sale, yay!

Then this slip dress, probably the sexiest thing I own. I'm really not one to dress sexy, although at work I'm known to expose my bra a lot hahaha. I don't yet know how to wear it, IF I will wear it, but it was just too pretty and too cheap to let go of. 

In other news, my nose piercing is still infected and it looks like it's about to give birth to an alien baby. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt!

I'm going to stop writing now because all I can think of is how badly I want to jump around, laughing like a retard because I'm so randomly happy. FUCK YES. 

For what is left of it, have a great weekend guys.