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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[KDrama - Secret Garden] One Night Entertainment Segment

I was reading posts from other SG fans saying goodbye to the drama when I stumbled upon this video. It was funny and you can see that both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were really close. You’ll see a rough english translation of the video below. Click here to view the video sorry for the quality of the video. Enjoy!
English Translation:
After the snow kiss scene, when HyunBin was brushing the snow of Ha JiWon’s backhe said, “Noona, you can brush your butt” 
And they confirmed that the bed kiss scene took 6 hours to film (for only 1 minute and 30 seconds of actual screen time)
After, when HyunBin was being interviewed, he said, “There were times when my ‘heart fluttered’ when we filmed the kiss scenes”
and then the guy asked, “What about Ha JiWon?”
and HyunBin said, “She had no problem”
During the part when they’re filming with the kids (so cute!):
Ha JiWon says (as she’s holding the sleeping baby)
“He thinks I’m his mom”
As HyunBin high fives the boys, he says, “Good job!” and “Hwaeeting”
Towards the end, during his interview, HyunBin says
“I wanted to express JooWon’s character playfully and comically”
“I was jealous of his house but most jealous of his private plane”
And during Ha JiWons’ interview she says:
“I think RaIm’s charm is that she is very straightforward. She says to HyunBin (Kim JooWon- not actually HyunBin. hahah), ‘Do you want to die?, pervert, jerk’ and that’s why he is attracted to her.”
[Source: omona at Viki/Translation: rainluver012]