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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[KDrama - Secret Garden] Secret Garden Special

Here are the videos for SBS’ drama Secret Garden Special shown last night, January 22. There’s no subtitle but the videos shown says it all. I am including a transcap of the special for you to better understand what they’re talking about. I’ll post a new video once the subtitles are done. You can view the special in full here or watch it in YouTube by parts below.
Part 1/6

Part 2/6
Part 3/6
Part 4/6
Part 5/6
Part 6/6
[Video: liveitupbigtimee at YouTube]
Transcap of the Special (credit to Rebel Souls):
HJW and HB narrate their characters words to each other and switch it to the audience
R’s voice: I am telling you ahead of time
you are the first and last honored audience to receive
SG’s lead characters  KJW and GRI letter
I’ve never seen a more impressive audience than you -
we received the audiences love and lived in a magical world
what I saw I hope you saw too
if we can be together like that -if it is that much- let’s say we are together
the love you gave us was more than enough to move us
will miss you a lot
secret garden – dont forget us-not tomorrow or the day after
HB : for 109 days – living as KJW I was really happy
thank you for giving so much attention and love
like the LM -dont disppear too fast into bubbles - I hope it lasts forever
HJW: during that short time- (?) I fell in love deeply – I hurt a lot-I did all those things so I am still (?)
oska: I didnt know it would turn out so well because it turned out so well and received so much love so thank you very much
seul: it’s been a long time since I did a drama so thank you for giving us so much love so thank you very much- why am I shaking so much?
during each line they showed clips from the drama to match the lines
Mr Park narrates at the LOEL dept store where I am director
There is a chaebol president that is not my style and his name is KJW
He was born to torture me and he is an evil president
and that president -there was a woman he fell in love with at first sight
her name is GRI
she has a refreshing high kick
he met his match
the president who always does his best
even with love he did his best
where did he learn to do such acts that elicit goosebumps
however there were some things you couldnt do in the name of love
starting from the action school director Lim J. S. who has been watching over R for a long time
to the cousin the hallyu star oska
jealousy emerged right away
however to the president and R – whether it was something to fear or be grateful for
a fate tied these two together
after drinking the liquor they got from the mysterious garden-the next day-surprise
then he narrates about the swap
and how KJW’s signature changed and he ended up the most hurt victim
cuz the signature he practiced so hard to copy had hearts at the end of it
the rain fell and they changed back again
and the president’s one sided love became deeper
but how there was strong opposition from jwm
then one day while filming a movie R was in an accident
and fell into a coma
and do you know what the best choice our president made was?
switching with R forever
KJW-is that really your best?are you sure?
their love moved the heavens
the rose liquor released the magic
and those two returned to their bodies and woke up
but fate kept playing with them
and our president’s memory went back to when he was 21yrs old
and R said “I dont care”
but our amazing president got back all his memories
and more scenes that cause goosebumps
they should have kept certain behavior hidden
anyway they had kids and lived happily
please dont forget director park
* this is a rough translation so please dont quote me anywhere
and no subbing this please
HJW: during the elevator scene I told HB that he was impressive/cool
I really wanted to save him
Seul: the scene i remembered the most was the xmas party kiss scene
jwm says when JW sent me flowers-it still affects me now
oska when HB went up from the sit up to face HJW-and the two of them staring  at each other -that was really cool
then the top 10 scenes-memorable ones
10-kiss scene with eyes
when JW and RI stare at each other lying on their sides when she was wearing the bumble bee hoodie
HB: we had more time to act – to talk –  so when we were shooting -it was really comfortable so our comfortable “eyes”came out on the show
9 seul’s sad confession scene
seul admitting her love for oska during the MV scene in jejudo
she says it sounded like a song’s lyrics
so I was really greedy (to get it right)
someone asks was there a lot of NG’s (for that scene)
seul says very quietly “no”
and oska says “waaaa- she is too much-because of her – I stood there many times -
she did well but it just took a long time
8 for the  sake of the person he loves deciding to die  and oska crying over his younger brother scene
oska: HJW was asleep during that
I was standing over her crying
we went back and forth about 3 or 4 times to shoot that
she slept with her mouth open like this
HJW: while I was in a coma and lying down on the bed –
during almost all those scenes I slept
am I allowed to say this? since it was suppose to be a moving scene
when he said “come tomorrow come today ” to be honest -during that too – I slept
also I will reveal one sleeping scene about HB
at the resort
while we were playing around there was a scene where he hugs me
so I looked up at him blinking - like I was falling for him -while I was acting that
I was falling for him- HB was next to me sleeping
7 HB’s showing his character’s claustrophobia elevator accident scene
HB: not too long ago, the director said after shooting the second elevator scene
you are the best actor for elevator phobia cuz as soon as I put you in one you act it out so well
6-when the two of them were making sure of each other’s feelings romantic party kiss scene
5-JW’s last love confession to R-in the car forehead scene
HJW:  the car from the back -them leaving -while holding her after saying he loves her
that scene was the most poignant, sad, and beautiful i think
4 a prickly man’s sweet kiss-romantic foam kiss scene
JL : if I had one I could have done it well
seul: envious
TS: while I was watching the drama I was rooting for them
oska: they should have put some of those in for me I thought every night
Hb: the night before I stayed up all night and went to shoot that
we were both tired and in that condition we shot that
we forgot about it and didnt know so many people would react like that
for the audience a bonus scene -kiss scene highlight
jejudo kiss scene for JW and R
and oska and seul
and JW and oska
and forced kiss between JW and R and
when R kissed JW
and during their first night kiss
and sec kim and AY kiss
sec kim: when we shot that scene
it was strange but I asked HJW “in how many takes did you shoot?”
she said they did it on the first take but we did it a lot of times
AY: we did that kiss 28 times
HB: sec kim came and asked the writer ‘did you write this in cuz of my interview?”
and the writer said “that was true” so I thought the writer sure is something else
oska: so that is how that scene came about? that sec kim is impressive-that kind of
thing he should have let me know too
sec kim: thank you for the xmas gift-to the writer
3  heart is broken and crying like crazy-  R’s sad [?]scene
when R tells jwm to take back what she said about R’s dad
2 JW’s touching farewell letter scene
when JW narrates his last letter to R and cries
Hb says they shot it a long time using the moving camera and kept circling the room with it
(to get all the angles) and he kept crying till they yelled “cut and ok”
it was cuz of the content of the letter-also cuz I wrote that letter myself-
and I felt everything 100%
1 made every korean’s heart beat -[?] confession scene
the sit up scene
HJW: I felt more flustered (nervous excitement-when you feel like you are falling for someone) by that scene than kiss scene
HB: there was some nervous excitement and some fatigue cuz in reality-to shoot that -more than what was shown during the drama – I had to do a few hundred sit ups so it was hard
sec kim: that scene – even if you didnt see the drama or the screen-if you just imagined it on your own
it evokes nervous excitement -and you want to try it
AY: I watched it together while holding my breath- I kept holding my breath while watching it
cupid said every guy there was all full of envy-even the people on the set
HJW was asked since when were you pretty so she answers
when I started being pretty was -can I say it with my own lips?
from birth
(she laughs at herself and says)  I’m sorry
they show all the NG scenes
when she fed JW pig skin she fed him one that was too hot so NG
the rest you can tell why it is funny
when JW had to carry R out of the hospital bed
the first few times he did it without any problem but after a while he couldnt lift her
HJW: at that point it was the start so he said I was light and then later he said I was heavy
HB explains : when a person doesnt have energy left – it gets heavier
in that scene-R wasnt moving at all so it was heavy to lift her and carry her out
because of that she was heavy-but she wasnt heavy at all
in the scene where JW holds the hat up over cupid’s head
he makes cupid laugh by saying the hat suits him
NG parade
JW wasnt suppose to snap his bra straps after he put it on but he did so NG
during the scene where oska sings he repeated the lyric here I am in korean twice -back to back so that is why he slaps at the keys
in the scene where R’s heart is suppose to be hurting cuz of JW
HB was lying there kind of snoring with his mouth open so she points and laughs
and in the jejudo scene where they say to seul that it is a mistake HJW sort of spit into HB’s hand so she apologizes to him
dialogue NGs that feel like they went to hell
[I dont know how to explain their mistakes so it is funny
but they messed up words or mixed them up or slurred them or forgot them
or said something similar]
they ask who made the most NGs -oska won
HJW and sec kim said his name without hesitation
but phillip tries to cover for him saying he had a lot of long lines
and seul says he was loveable even when he made NGs
he really is – his mistakes and what he says after them are hilarious
then when phillip makes his mistake it was cuz he got confused he said
kiss scene NG’s
in the snow, during that kiss scene the director can be heard saying “roll” but Hb doesnt so NG
and the narrator says not all kiss scenes can be sweet
oska and JW kiss scene
you can hear the director or someone telling them to turn a certain way and when the two guys go the wrong way the director says “the opposite direction” 
they did a lot of takes
the narrator says “there is no end – how long are they going to do this?”
more NG’s cuz they added sounds or lines
they interview people for their fav lines
is this your best -are you sure
oska says he used it in real life when he went to a car wash that was owned by a younger person he knows and they forgot to clean a part so he said “is this your best” and he says as soon as those words came out kids burst out laughing
sec kim : is that your best? are you sure? then it must be your best so do it that way
stitch by stitch and all the variations
it was said whenever he thought of GRI, when he missed her
HB says he didnt know what kimsuhan was and he later asked the director and he told HB
there is this way of talking so HB memorized it and used it
good leader of society
“text came in”
the director gave HJW options so she chose that one
in real life she says her phone is on vibrate
they cover some of oska’s funny lines
oska: when I got the script and had to act it out – i got goosebumps
SG awards
mr park over flowing charismatic voice
cupid gets for bringing JW and R together
sec kim-for crying so much or snapping back at JW
R’s dad  (he is in the new drama Duo)
sec kim wins the award
you’re really giving me this award?
when I went to the sbs daesang awards I touched the one other actors received
this is really mine right?
thank you for  being crazy enough to choose sec kim
even in the future I will continue to be crazy
speaking another language
phillip lee
seul and her crappy eng
JW speaking pretty good eng
oska speaking japanese
phillip wins
he doesnt know if he should accept since eng is comfortable for him
but he will accept it with gratitude
wonderful body line=HB
seul amazing S line
phillip lee shower scene (I forgot about it)
winner is seul
she says she learned that no matter what happens a woman has to protect
her appearance so thank you for honoring me with this award
no clue what this category is-i think for causing goosebumps
sec kim and AY couple for the aego she used to describe how cute she looks in uggs
HJW for the goosebumps she made with her aego
oska for his aego and dance
grandpa and his new wife for their goosebump romance
oska wins and he asks if this is a hidden camera and says thank you
Pak ji young
son ye jin
pak ji young wins
she says she was trembling cuz it was her first time
and oska praised her talent for doing so well her first time out
and thanks everyone on the set that day who supported her
and said she will return this honor( of winning) to them
a guy asks: HJW filmed a lot of great kiss scenes with a lot of
handsome actors so how much did she like it with HB-which ranking?
HJW says she cant believe a student asked this question-that it wont do.
HJW: this time around Hb made it very comfortable-in scenes where I am falling for him-
I filmed it like I really was falling for him- I liked it
as for what the ranking is – it is a secret
another guy asks what she would do in a real situation where
she was going to marry a chaebol but the mother in law was like jwm
what would she do?
R says just thinking about it – her breath catches- it would be too difficult
in that situation- she repeats she would break up
someone asks if oska is an easy guy
oska smirks and says: oska seems like an easy guy from his
perspective but yoon (his real name) is not as easy guy
another girl asks how similar oska is to his character
he said “*” was similar-cant say it was exactly the same-only that is similar
I thought “*nung-gur-maht” meant getting old but I think it’s a word I dont know
some (crazy girl cuz who wants to hear this again?)
asked seul if she can speak eng well in real life and to show her one more time
seul smiles and wonders if she can remember the lines
and she says a few from the script (my poor ears)
she asks that they cut that part from the special
she says in real life she doesnt speak eng like that
she says it wasnt her pronunciation and gives examples
a girl asks if HB wears sparkly tracksuit in his normal life and he says he doesnt
he says it would be funny if he said it looked good
a kid asks HB to say something to KJW
HB: KJW – to Kim crazy tracksuit guy-you received a lot of love
I also want to praise you too
living for 4 months as KJW I was happy
and it was fun and also I think you will become a character
I can never forget for the rest of my life
so thank you very much
they show filming sets
seul gives a message to oska:
for the 3 months we were shooting the drama
that I got to film with such a cool oppa
it was really fun-oppa you did really well
and in the next project – dont make any NGs
oska gives a message to seul
because of oppa -you laughed a lot
and I feel sorry that you had to act (?)
take care of your body well and use your great body
and I hope you become a top actress-fighting
HJW’s message to HB
for doing this with me I’m very grateful
I was really happy and for a while
I think I will miss it
and because you are going to the marines
take care of your body
stay healthy
and come back well with
a more impressive look
I hope to see that
come back healthy and safe
I always thought how grateful I was while filming
and even from now on I think I will be thankful
one of the reasons why I was able to make KJW character
it was complete cuz RI was next to him
all I can say is how grateful I am
thank you very much
Thank you for loving SG and for loving KJW so much
even tho it is late -have a happy new year